Developing a Dublin Core Application Profile for the Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) Resources

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Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology

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Dublin Core, knowledge organization systems, KOS


Library and Information Science


Since 2000, members of the Networked Knowledge Organization Systems/Services (NKOS) group have been working on specifications for metadata to describe the variety of knowledge organization systems (KOS), including classification schemes, thesauri and taxonomies. At the 2010 Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) International Conference, a task group was formed to create a Dublin Core Application Profile (DCAP) for KOS to facilitate the use of KOS in networked settings. The DCAP details metadata used for a KOS application, addressing how the KOS is to function, the items and interrelationships described, the metadata terms used and their rules for use and the machine syntax used for encoding data. Building on past work, the task group is making progress toward its numerous goals, including production of a KOS Type Vocabulary, integrating the KOS taxonomy and KOS typology into a single workable product and ultimately testing the KOS DCAP and Typology on a variety of actual knowledge organization systems.