Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Commons @ Kent State University Libraries?

Digital Commons @ Kent State University Libraries highlights the scholarship at all of Kent State University's campuses and locations. The Digital Commons Institutional Repository is an online tool for collecting, preserving, and providing access to the intellectual output of an institution in digital format. Digital Commons @ Kent State University Libraries is managed by Kent State University Libraries and is part of the Digital Commons Network powered by bepress.

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How do I contact an administrator of Digital Commons @ Kent State University Libraries?

You may contact us at

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How do I revise information about a publication that has been posted?

To revise a submission that has been posted to the repository, contact the repository administrator at with the new version.

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Can related files (sound clips, data sets, etc.) be posted alongside the published article?

Yes. The bepress system refers to these supplementary items as Associated Files. The names of the files will appear on the web site along with a short description of each file. Viewers must have the necessary software to open your files; that is not provided by the bepress system.

Please be sure that there are no permissions issues related to use of the associated material. Sometimes, especially with images, you must write a letter seeking permission to use the material before it can be posted.

Also note that where possible, items such as images, charts and tables that are referenced in the document (or otherwise an integral part of the document) should be included directly in the article itself and not posted just as associated files.

If one of your articles is posted in Digital Commons @ Kent State University Libraries and you have related files such as data sets that we may post, please contact the repository administrator at

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Can a reprint from a journal be posted?

It depends on what the journal allows, which is usually specified in their agreement with the author. Contact the repository administrator and we will seek permission to post your publications. If it would not violate copyright to post the reprint on your repository site, we will do so. Depending on what the publisher or rights holder allows, we may post a final copy or we may post a postprint, which is the draft issued to the author after peer review, if available. Permissions for many publishers can be found at SHERPA RoMEO.

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A working paper in the repository site has been published in a slightly revised form in a journal. What should I do?

Many journals do not have any restrictions on working papers that preceded an article, especially if substantial revisions were made. You should check your author agreement with the journal to confirm that there is no problem with leaving the working paper on the site. The repository would constitute noncommercial use.

Assuming the working paper does remain on posted in the repository, it is a good idea to include the citation to the published article on the cover page of the repository working paper. Please contact the repository administrator to request this change.

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What if I'm a publisher or copyright owner with questions about content on this site?

Kent State University Libraries (KSUL) makes every effort to ensure that it has appropriate rights or has obtained permission to provide access to content through the Digital Commons website. These materials are made freely available for educational and scholarly use.

If you are a rights holder and are concerned that material has been posted on Digital Commons @ Kent State University Libraries without your permission and believe our inclusion of this material on the Digital Commons violates your rights, please contact and include the following:

  1. Your contact information (including email address and phone)
  2. Exact URL where you found the material
  3. Details that describe the material (title, collection name, number of items, etc.)
  4. A rationale why you believe that your rights have been violated, with any pertinent documentation
  5. A statement that you in good faith believe that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law
  6. A statement that the information in your notification is accurate and that you are the rights holder or are authorized to act on behalf of the owner

Upon receipt of a request, KSUL staff will:

  1. Acknowledge the request via email (or other means of communication if you do not have an email account) within five business days
  2. Assess the validity of the request
  3. Upon completion of the assessment, KSUL will take appropriate action and communicate that action to you.

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I am a member of the faculty at Kent State? How can I get my publications listed on Digital Commons @ Kent State University Libraries?

Please contact us at You may send us a copy of your curriculum vitae or a list of publications and we will handle it from there. We can also assist you with the setup of your very own SelectedWorks page.

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What is SelectedWorks and what happened to my SelectedWorks page?

SelectedWorks provides a platform for faculty to present a virtual library of their research and academic output. Individual researchers create and post content to their own pages and can follow other researchers and share via social media. If you created a SelectedWorks page when Kent State University maintained a SelectedWorks subscription, your page and content are still there but will no longer be "branded" with the KSU logo. You may sign in to create or revise your SelectedWorks page at

Revised April 3, 2018