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Traci Williams Easley started her career in high school when she was selected to co-anchor the teen news program “2010 Taking you to the Future,” on the Fox network. Traci has worked on multiple Hollywood projects shot in Cleveland. In 2002, Traci began working in L.A. on feature films with renowned Casting Director and Producer Rueben Cannon. Currently, Traci is a Senior Lecturer at Kent State University within the School of Journalism and Mass Communication as well as the Department of Pan-African Studies. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Communications at Kent State University. Traci’s research on people of color in film and television is preparing her to become a cultural consultant for Hollywood executives on how underrepresented populations are misrepresented in the media. Her recent projects include: Executive Producer of the feature film, “Hell at Heathridge,” which was nationally and internationally distributed. Executive Producer of the Telly and Cindy award winning music video “Freaky Love.” She just finished production on her fourth feature film set to release this April called, “Unlucky.”