Winery at Wolf Creek, 1980s


Founded in 1980 by Andrew Wineberg on the property of his parents, the winery offers a number of outdoor and indoor events, large tasting areas, an outdoor deck, and picnic tables providing views of a rolling landscape of trees, vineyards and open space areas. The first 12 acres of vineyard included a mix of Cayuga White, Seyval, Vignoles, Dechaunac, Chancellor, Leon Millot, and Vidal grapes.

In 2002, long-time vineyard manager Andy Troutman and his family acquired the winery and quickly expanded production and the vineyard acreage. Today much of the original hillside vineyards have been replanted with European grape varieties and the annual case production is around 10,000 cases. The Troutman family also owns the Troutman Vineyards winery in Wooster that specializes solely in estate and locally-grown wines.

Wine owner: Andrew Wineberg