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Founded in 1976 by Floyd and Peggy Jones, this Columbus area location was originally designed as a live/work space with a large production facility, wine shop, tasting room, and a second floor suitable for personal lodging. Known for its uncommon wine, the establishment produced wine from a variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables such as tomatoes, dandelions, grapefruit, red clover, and rhubarb.

Ownership transferred to Bill and Jane Butler in 1985. The couple redesigned the labeling and shifted product offerings to include award-winning labrusca and vinifera varieties.

Robin and Valerie Coolidge acquired the winery in 2006 around the time the area was being developed into a residential neighborhood. Today, the site exists as an urban live/work winery offering a light food menu and gourmet desserts and a variety of dry to sweet wines. All of the wine is still produced on site and the grapes and juice are sourced locally when possible.

Photo features former wine owners Bill and Jane Butler.


Image courtesy of the Ohio Wine Producers Association.

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