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Lou Heineman was honored for his leadership on the board of the Ohio Wine Producers Association and for his role in bringing his century old family business on Put-in-Bay into a new generation of Ohio winemaking. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Lou carried the tradition of making fine island wines such as his renowned Pink Catawba. He also helped guide his son Edward, as the winery moved to producing French American hybrids and European style varietals.

He served as a founding member of Ohio Wine Producers Association and also as it's president in the 1980s. With his background in local island government, he lead the industry toward a realization of the importance of becoming politically active to build awareness of the importance of the industry to both the agricultural and tourism communities.

Source: Lou Heineman and Donniella Winchell Named to the Ohio Wine Hall of Fame Press Release from the Ohio Wine Producers Association (2002)


Image courtesy of the Ohio Wine Producers Association.

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