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Darren T. Byler

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Kurt Sampsel

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1.pdf (667 kB)
The Maintenance of Heritage, Darren T. Byler

2.pdf (615 kB)
Gay Studies and Secondary Education, Jonathan R. Cordes

3.pdf (375 kB)
Pennsylvanian Rock System in Ohio, Amanda L. Gillespie

4.pdf (243 kB)
Exploring "The Hidden Curriculum", John Huntsman

5.pdf (235 kB)
The Strong Tower Is Crumbling, Emily Colleen Knight

6.pdf (305 kB)
A Visual Analysis: Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen's The Children's Pet, Susan Rose Krauter

7.pdf (332 kB)
Baseball and the Civil War, Rebecca Larson-Troyer

8.pdf (305 kB)
Among All These Yellow Men, Kurt Sampsel

9.pdf (582 kB)
Lofty Ideals and Broken Promises, Angela Saunders



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