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Jennifer L. Penick

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1.pdf (1454 kB)
One Symbol at a Time: Should Wahoo Stay or Should He Go?, Shelley Blundell

2.pdf (1662 kB)
Son of the Sea, Tiffany Bodis

3.pdf (8208 kB)
For the Love of Nature, Alicia Davis

4.pdf (4653 kB)
Climate Change: Global Warming and Ohio, Michael Hanna

5.pdf (2940 kB)
Guide to Selected Bogs and Fens in Northeastern Ohio, Joanna Hetler

6.pdf (3330 kB)
What I Believe (for Now) About Teaching, Learning, and Schooling, John Huntsman

7.pdf (4961 kB)
Innovative Redemption, Makeisha J. Lennon

8.pdf (4512 kB)
The Plague: An agent of Social and Economic Change, Kathleen E. McLaughlin

9.pdf (2506 kB)
The American Socialization Process, Alexander A. Nguyen

10.pdf (3334 kB)
Brief Summation of Ordovician Rocks of Ohio, Jennifer L. Penick

11.pdf (4178 kB)
Literature as the Savior of the Individual Self in China, Paul Petrovic

12.pdf (5263 kB)
Motherless Child, Childless Mother, Kurt Sampsel



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