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David Arn

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Ryan Bucher

Terri Good

John A. Huntsman

Joshua Matthew Keane

Amy Killian

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Makeisha J Miller

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Paul Petrovic

Kris Shearer

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Thomas White

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1.pdf (3765 kB)
The Desouling of Akaky Akakievich in Nikolai Gogol's "The Overcoat", David Arn

2.pdf (3182 kB)
The Hat Problem: A Study in Probability, Michael George Billing

3.pdf (1845 kB)
A Look at Elie Wiesel's Night, Ryan Bucher

4.pdf (640 kB)
Weakness, Terri Good

5.pdf (2776 kB)
One Small Step, One Giant Leap: A Narrative on America's Illiteracy Crisis, John A Huntsman

6.pdf (1557 kB)
A Man at the Range, Joshua Matthew Keane

7.pdf (2224 kB)
Overcoming Pernicious Dualisms in Maxine Kingston's The Woman Warrior, Amy Killian

8.pdf (3406 kB)
Diamonds are not Forever: A Marxist and Materialist Critique, Kelly Lohman

9.pdf (3853 kB)
Phthalates: A Threat to Human Health, Gabrielle Lorenzo

10.pdf (2747 kB)
The Southern Africanist Presence, Makeish J. Miller

11.pdf (3222 kB)
Saint Maybe, Patricia L. Pearce

12.pdf (2822 kB)
Death as the Final Phenomenon of Nature: Religious Indifference, Paul Petrovic

13.pdf (2802 kB)
Reflective Statement: Stories, Kris Shearer

14.pdf (2792 kB)
You Take the High Road; I'll Take the Low Road, Trevor S. Sprague

15.pdf (2343 kB)
States' Rights vs. Federal Rights: The Fight for Cherokee Land in Georgia, Thomas White



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