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Pamela Wilfong

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Chris Aureden

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Robert A. Berens

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James Engler

Joyce N. Hill

Laura Lawler

Jane Ann Lindsey

Denise M. Nelson

Kris Shearer

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Mary Sousa

Mandy Welch

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1.pdf (3376 kB)
The American Dream: A Can of Coke and a Lexus, Brenda Ayers- Rodgers

2.pdf (1678 kB)
The Underdogs: A Reflection of the 1910 Mexican Revolution, Christopher Aureden

3.pdf (3195 kB)
It's Time, Lisa Marie Belopotosky

4.pdf (2170 kB)
Worth Knowing: In Pursuit of Practical Literature, Robert A. Berens

5.pdf (1682 kB)
Extinction Game, Dorothy Bush

6.pdf (4347 kB)
The Mythology of A Great Indian Epic, James S. Engler

7.pdf (5756 kB)
Palpable Silences, Joyce N. Hill

8.pdf (5448 kB)
The Psychology Behind the Serial Killer, Laura Lawler

9.pdf (1454 kB)
Mealtime Manners: The Idea of Courtesy in Sir Gawain and the Greenknight, Jane Ann Lindsey

10.pdf (4145 kB)
How It Feels To Be Colored Me, Denise M. Nelson

11.pdf (2024 kB)
One at a Time: What I believe (for now) About Teaching, Learning, and Schooling, Kris Shearer

12.pdf (4435 kB)
To Blast, Or Not To Blast; That is The Question: A Discussion of Situational Moral Ethics With Immanuel Kant and David Hume, Rhonda M. Silva

13.pdf (2032 kB)
Difficulty With Essays, Mary Sousa

14.pdf (2892 kB)
Analyzing "The Yellow Wallpaper", Mandy Welch

15.pdf (3708 kB)
An Invasion of Privacy: Jazz the Narrator, In Toni Morrison's Jazz, Pamela Wilfong



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