Dan Blatz

Sarah G. Gravely

Christine Hiner

Karen McDonald

Shelly L. Kannal

Kelly Kennedy

John Laney

Laura F. Lawler

Jill Schott

Juanita Weaver

Christine Wineka

Jamie Lee Wise

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1.pdf (1246 kB)
I'm Not Really Like That, Am I? ,Dan Blatz

2.pdf (1926 kB)
Wake Up, Stark County! A Local View of Sleep Disorders, Sarah G. Gravely

3.pdf (2627 kB)
The Spread Eagle Tavern, Christine Hiner and Karen McDonald

4.pdf (1929 kB)
"The Old Badger", Shelly L. Kannal

5.pdf (2363 kB)
Attraction And Repulsion Rewiew Of Criticism On The Treatment Of The Female In William Blake from 1997 To 1995, Kelly Kennedy

6.pdf (1593 kB)
The Harmony Of Logos And Pathos, John Laney

7.pdf (1605 kB)
Measurement Of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Laura Lawler

8.pdf (4087 kB)
Willard vs. Marlow: The Differences In The Narrative Voices Of Apocalypse Now And Heart Of Darkness, Karen McDonald

9.pdf (1676 kB)
Stark County, A Rare Jewel, Jill Schott

10.pdf (1355 kB)
I Hear You Ray, But Where Are You?, Juanita Weaver

11.pdf (2293 kB)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Christine Wineka

12.pdf (3216 kB)
Harnessing The Energy Of The Oceans, Jamie Lee



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