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Shiloh Randall

Carly Flint

Donna Marie Michell

Zachary A. Piette

John C. Polles

Katerine C. Sherry

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1.pdf (4523 kB)
A Whisper, Kelly Mook

2.pdf (5989 kB)
Mental Illness Among College Students: Risk and Treatment Rates, Rylie Woods

3.pdf (6663 kB)
Aestheticism: The Epicenter of Dorian Gray, Kaylyn Self

4.pdf (2577 kB)
Vikramaditya and Art of Being, Shiloh Randall

5.pdf (3950 kB)
Compassion Fatigue, Carly Flint

6.pdf (4181 kB)
A High Cost, Donna Marie Mitchell

7.pdf (4561 kB)
Sliding, Stopping and Dragging; Lavender Linguistics" and the "Gay Voice" as Reflected in RuPaul's Drag Race, Zachary A. Piette

8.pdf (8746 kB)
We Were Rich Before; War, Class, and Privilege in Maus & Perspolis, John C. Polles

9.pdf (2027 kB)
The Problem with Subsidence in Ohio, Katherine C. Sherry



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