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Sarah McGill

Chelsea Blitz

Carol C. Lazette

Alyssa Capuano

Victoria Lind

John C. Polles

D. Ellie Howell

Daniel S. Hinshaw

Tammy Thompson

Anna Adams

Matthew Cutler

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1.pdf (1275 kB)
This Our World: The Ancient Masculine Struggle for Meaningful Existence, Sarah McGill

2.pdf (5026 kB)
Mindfulness and Meditation as an Effective Treatment for Opioid Dependence, Chelsea Blitz

3.pdf (3736 kB)
The Development and Dissemination of Witchcraft through Art, Carol C. Lazette

4.pdf (1388 kB)
The Slave Trade, Alyssa Capuano

5.pdf (3941 kB)
Punks in the Woods: The Punk Undertones of Mori Girls, Victoria Lind

6.pdf (2525 kB)
Pulp, Subculture, Identity & Bannon's I am a Woman, John C. Polles

7.pdf (2668 kB)
Ken Kesey as a Counterculture Figure, D. Ellie Howell

8.pdf (4393 kB)
The Power of Belief and its Effects on Health, Daniel S. Hinshaw

9.pdf (823 kB)
The Need for Reformation in Sex Offender Treatment Programs, Tammy Thompson

10.pdf (2796 kB)
A Title Was Written By the Author, Anna Adams

11.pdf (3911 kB)
Ohio's Green Shrouded Miracle, Matthew Cutler



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