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1.pdf (3969 kB)
Detrimental Effects of Absence in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Patricia Catherine Cotter

2.pdf (1199 kB)
The Compassionate Prostitute: A Response Paper to Fydor Dostoyevsky's Notes from Underground, Colleen R. Callahan

3.pdf (3528 kB)
Racial Inequality in Access to Green Space in Stark County, Cassandra J. White

4.pdf (1698 kB)
Irish Airport Chat, Robin Clark

5.pdf (3024 kB)
False Democracy, Hannah Armenta

6.pdf (3640 kB)
Finding Meaning In Life, Jason Nalley

7.pdf (2065 kB)
The Striking Contrast between the Characters Happy and Biff Loman and Bernard, Jodi Kann

8.pdf (2705 kB)
Why Martin Luther King Jr. is an American Philosopher, Alexander Braun

9.pdf (3470 kB)
Northern Oppression vs. Southern Tradition, Edward Burns

10.pdf (3780 kB)
Hull-House Depicted as the Absolute, LaRinda Johnson



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