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1.pdf (11013 kB)
Military Wives: A Distinct Subculture in the United States, Amber Haney

2.pdf (7024 kB)
Worth Every Penny: Building N.A.S.A., Jordyn Hall

3.pdf (3611 kB)
Prisoner of my Past: A Memoir, Collen Callahan

4.pdf (2573 kB)
A Call to Action in Raisin in the Sun by Patricia Cotter

5.pdf (2045 kB)
The Semiotics of Smallville, Melissa Powell

6.pdf (1614 kB)
Demystifying Gender Inequality in The Epic of Gilgamesh, Alexander Harless

7.pdf (2660 kB)
Acid Mine Drainage Effects and Possible Solutions, Nichole Neely

8.pdf (2932 kB)
When no voice replied; A New Look at "Porphyria's Lover", Melissa Powell

9.pdf (5651 kB)
Creating the Ultimate Villain: An Analysis of Motives, Nichole M. Harris

10.pdf (2243 kB)
Traumatic Memory, The Creature, and Mary Shelley, Alexander Harless

11.pdf (7415 kB)
Spirituality as a Coping Mechanism for Mental Illness, Virginia Cole



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