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Jesse N. Curtis

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Matthew Culter

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Zach Eckels

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Patricia Catherine Cotter

Matthew Markezich

Jeremiah Daniel Unkefer

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1.pdf (5222 kB)
The Birth of a Nation: History in Black and White Sectional Conflict and Civil War, Jesse Curtis

2.pdf (4536 kB)
The Journey from Repugnance to Empathy, Dana Ivins

3.pdf (14203 kB)
A Brief History of Opiates and Some Common Misconceptions Concerning the Origins of US Drug Policy, Matthew Cutler

4.pdf (4000 kB)
Jamaica Kincaid's "Girl"; The Semicolon's Attempt to Connect Reader and Story, Mahalia Shoup

5.pdf (3041 kB)
Analysis of the Song of Roland, Zach Eckels

6.pdf (3939 kB)
Dear Anne, Marie A. Hlavin

7.pdf (3228 kB)
Where the Stitch Breaks, Patricia Cotter

8.pdf (5274 kB)
The Markezich Family History as a Microcosm of American Immigration and Social Dynamism throughout the 20th Century, Matthew Markezich

9.pdf (5360 kB)
Smelser's Value-Added Model and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, Jeremiah Unkefer



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