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1.pdf (10072 kB)
Mindfulness-Based Therapies for the Treatment of Depression, Jon M. Cefus

2.pdf (4743 kB)
An Exploration of Invitational Rhetoric, Stephanie Gallagher

3.pdf (3397 kB)
The Educated Lion, Kara Kuhs Carowick

4.pdf (3514 kB)
The Contributing Factor of Race, Richard D. Rice Jr.

5.pdf (7113 kB)
The Cantor Set, Ashley M. Meinke

6.pdf (1061 kB)
The Ironically Beautiful Face of HIV/AIDS, Sandra R. Dent

7.pdf (9948 kB)
"A Heaven of Our Misery": William Blake's Pre-Marxist Critique of the Industrial Revolution, Troy Cherrington

8.pdf (3440 kB)
Separation on and after the Western Front, Hilary E. Brentin

9.pdf (8203 kB)
Arrant Authors: Connections of Sex and Scholarship Between Infamous Literary Women in Early Twentieth Century Europe, Lisa A. Noble



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