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Yvonne Williamson

Rena Brook

Evelyn Williams

Stephanie Gallagher

Shelly Stephanoff

Caitlin Jones

Aaron Hubbard

Jill Wingard

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Selection Committee

Greg Blundell

Lee Fox

Kim Garchar

John Harkness

Leslie Heaphy

Lori McGee

Jayne Moneysmith

Christine Shearer

Deb Shelestak

Brad Shepherd

Mason P. Shuman

Brenda Smith

Thomas Sosnowski

Lori Wilfong

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1.pdf (6810 kB)
Conflicting Views of Self-Representation Among African-Americans During the Harlem Renaissance, Yvonne Williamson

2.pdf (4268 kB)
Book Review: Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto, Rena Brook

3.pdf (8666 kB)
Women with Disabilities: Addressing the Barriers to Adequate Sexual Health on a Global Level, Evelyn Williams

4.pdf (5619 kB)
Issues Concerning Black Vernacular English, Stephanie Gallagher

5.pdf (4865 kB)
A Tragic Example, Shelly Stephanoff

6.pdf (3036 kB)
The Wonders of Rock Salt, Caitlin Jones

7.pdf (7073 kB)
Perception and the Body: A Feminist Critique of Jonathan Swift's "The Lady's Dressing Room", Aaron Hubbard

8.pdf (4410 kB)
Patronized?, Jill Wingard



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