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1.pdf (8187 kB)
The Subversive Female Stock Character in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Rebecca J. Swaney

2.pdf (4061 kB)
Tannen's Remarkable Fallacy, Adam N. McGavin

3.pdf (4467 kB)
Betty Neuman: A Theorist Ahead of Her Time, Virginia Johnson

4.pdf (7900 kB)
An Exploration of Eighteenth Century Gardening As A Mechanism For Status Gain, Lisa Stratton

5.pdf (5023 kB)
How It Feels To Be Colored Me, Carol Blundell

6.pdf (5436 kB)
Ginsberg's "Howl" - A Counter-Culture Spiritual

7.pdf (5186 kB)
Surveillance Essay, Sara Welch

8.pdf (5945 kB)
"Her Imaginative Reconstruction of the Past": Tradition and Replication in Between the Acts, Andrew Rihn



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