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Kelley Hantzche

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Page Count


1.pdf (724 kB)
The Life of Anne Rice and Her Attempts to Cheat Death, Timothy M. Yates

2.pdf (159 kB)
Archaeology Laboratory Project: Nobles Pond, Lisa Stratton

3.pdf (276 kB)
Dimetrodon, Michael Norton-Smith

4.pdf (216 kB)
No Worst?, Andrew Rihn

5.pdf (221 kB)
Idea or Image: The Latter Prevailing, Lindsay Rybkoski

6.pdf (260 kB)
The Brown Bag Race, Carrie Powell

7.pdf (213 kB)
Horseshoe Crabs, Jessica Yoho

8.pdf (803 kB)
An Ethnography of a Classroom for Emotionally Disturbed Children, Lisa Dubetz

9.pdf (246 kB)
Fiction, Memoir, or Both? A Look into Narrative Styles in Monica Ali's Brick Lane and Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own, Kelley Hantzche



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