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Kelley R. Hantzsche

Jason T. Mogus

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Michael Barnhouse

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Andrew Rihn

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Sheryl Klingbeil

Julie A. Smith

Lisa Stratton

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1.pdf (6091 kB)
Fragmented Narrative in Ursula Hegi's Intrusions, Kelley R. Hantzsche

2.pdf (2782 kB)
Fear and Loathing at Kohl's Department Store, Jason Mogus

3.pdf (1940 kB)
Relief Sulptures: Emblems of Power, Anastasia Thanh Gates

4.pdf (1626 kB)
A Child's Utopia, Lindsay Rybkoski

5.pdf (1374 kB)
I Went Downtown 1968, Michael Barnhouse

6.pdf (4277 kB)
Persuasive Speech Outline: Shaken Baby Syndrome, Constance S. Lapham

7.pdf (1805 kB)
Being Gregor Samsa, Andrew Rihn

8.pdf (6235 kB)
Lexical Borrowing in Pennsylvania German: How much and Why?, Charity Gingerich

9.pdf (5099 kB)
Mothers and Mother Figures: Exploring Embodiment and Disembodiment

10.pdf (10231 kB)
Feasibility Study for a Massillon Family Aquatics Center, Julie A. Smith, Lori Wolverton, Marcy Mooney, Brandy Burgess

11.pdf (3621 kB)
Ethnography of Mennonite Women in Higher Education, Lisa Stratton



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