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J. Robert Novak

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Allen Hines

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Kurt Sampsel

Donna Jean Kalleker

Davina Main

Charity Gingrich

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1.pdf (255 kB)
From Four Colors to the Silver Screen: The Semiotic Similarities Between Comics and Live Action, J. Robert Novak

2.pdf (399 kB)
Americans with Disabilities Act, Larry Richards

3.pdf (159 kB)
Questioning "Park on Sunday", Julia Hahn

4.pdf (155 kB)
Cripple-Go-Round, Allen Hines

5.pdf (670 kB)
Sisters in Spirit: Black Women Preachers Hearing the Call, Marianne Jackson

6.pdf (265 kB)
Who Am I? My Cultural Identity: Color the World Beautiful with Only Eight Crayons, Amy Lance

7.pdf (276 kB)
Driving Fashion, James C. Dahler

8.pdf (234 kB)
Race Labels and Status Changes in Charles W. Chesnutt's "The Sherrif's Children", Kurt Sampsel

9.pdf (207 kB)
The Komodo Dragon, Donna Jean Kalleker

10.pdf (481 kB)
Farming in Ohio: A Historical View, Davina Main

11.pdf (275 kB)
Victorian Fashions: Exploring Edna's Journey Through Clothing, Charity Gingrich



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