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Tuesday, March 21st
1:00 PM

A Scalable Approach for Lightweight Pointer Analysis

Vlas Zyrianov

1:00 PM

A Study of the Reduction of Excessive Energy Generated by Strong Winds on Power Lines via a Velocity Damping Controller at the Transmission Tower

Donald W. Fincher Jr., Kent State University - Kent Campus

1:00 PM

Autonomous Localization Utilizing Strobing Light Sources

Jacob Boyd
Darwin Lee Boyd, Kent State University - Kent Campus

1:00 PM

Autonomous Robotic Lawn Mower Guided by Global Navigation Satellite System

Ray Thompson

1:00 PM

Comparative Graph Model

Timothy Zee, Kent State University
Mehdi Ghayoumi, Kent State University

1:00 PM

Design, Fabrication and Demonstration of a Computer Numerically Controlled Rapid Prototyping Machine for Additive Manufacturing, CNC Machining and Laser Cutting

Michael Antonelli

1:00 PM

Hybrid unmanned aircraft system

derek ellinger

1:00 PM

Simulation and Control of a Tie Fighter

Samuel Vidovich
Rob Kipka, Kent

1:00 PM

Translation of a Text Based UML Class Diagram Representation into a Graphical Rendering Language

Paul J. Leyden, Kent State University - Kent Campus

1:00 PM