TechKNOW Volume 10, Issue 3

Margaret Beecher Maurer, Kent State University - Kent Campus
Shelley Neville
Donna Schroeder
Jennifer L. Mann
Jennifer B. Baker

EDI - What Is It? Why Should You Care? / by Shelley Neville, Technical Product Manager, Dynix

CatExpress - More than Just AV Records / by Donna Schroeder, OCLC Services Coordinator, OHIONET

Book Review: Maxwell's Handbook for AACR2: Explaining and Illustrating the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules through the 2003 Update / Reviewed by Jennifer L. Mann

Book Review: Differences Between, Changes Within: Guidelines on When to Create a New Record / Reviewed by Jennifer B. Baker

Technical Services = User Services: OVGTSL Conference is a Pleasant Immersion in Technical Services Librarianship / by Margaret Maurer, Cataloging Manager, Kent State University Libraries and Media Services