The Journal of SPORT


Periodization is defined as “the division of the annual plan to ensure an optimal performance for the main competition” (Bompa, 1999, p. 194). Periodization is an effective framework for physical training and often results in better performance outcomes (Gamble, 2006; Stone et al., 2000). Many researchers have proposed that extending the concept of periodization to mental skills training may be beneficial and has been shown in one study to help athletes improve their sport confidence and lower their sport trait anxiety (Guenthner et al., 2010). Sport psychology consultants can help coaches learn how to construct a mental periodization program, help coaches foster the sense of “flow” in their athletes, increasing their potential for peak performance. In an effort to more fully understand the framework needed to teach coaches how to design and implement a mental periodization plan, this paper will propose a specific example in which a high school softball coach designs and implements a mental periodization plan with his pitchers.