The Journal of SPORT


Identifying what job characteristics influence employee satisfaction requires the ability to effectively study the environment that influences the sense of belonging and a fulfillment of social needs. The primary purpose of this study was to investigate aspects of employment that influence job satisfaction of NCAA Division II compliance officers. Job satisfaction was measured by the Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS), which consisted of nine subscale measures that relate to employee job satisfaction and strongly examines perceptual and attitudinal variables (Spector, 1997). Participants for this study consisted of 206 NCAA Division II compliance officers. Descriptive analysis was conducted to determine to what degree NCAA Division II compliance officers express their job satisfaction. Results suggested that supervision, co-workers, and nature of work were the three highest-ranking measures of job satisfaction. The compliance officers appeared satisfied when given autonomy over their job, played a greater role in organizing the environment of intercollegiate athletics and had productive work relationships with athletic staff.