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Editor-in-Chief: Mark Lyberger, Kent State University
Associate Editor: Aaron Mulrooney, Kent State University
Student Editor: Sebastian Bendsen, Kent State University
Student Editorial Board: Zarley Zalewski, Kent State University
  Zita Spoeneman, Kent State University
  Grace Roth, Kent State University
  Cody Dawson, Kent State University

The Journal of SPORT is a student run journal that accepts and reviews articles covering a wide variety of topics in the sport industry. For more information 'click' the About This Journal link to left.

Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1 (2018) Journal of SPORT Volume 6 Issue 1 2018

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The Effects of Beer Sales on Attendance at Collegiate Football Games
Jacob D. Augustin, Alex Traugutt, and Alan Morse


The Big East Breakup: Effects on Competitive Balance
Jeffrey Noble, Martin M. Perline, and G. Clayton Stoldt