Submissions from 2016


Past the Power Law: Complex Systems and the Limiting Law of Restricted Diversity, Brian Castellani and Rajeev Rajaram


Cases, Clusters, Densities: Modeling the Nonlinear Dynamics of Complex Health Trajectories, Brian Castellani, Rajeev Rajaram, Jane Gunn, and Frances Griffiths

Submissions from 2014

Toward the Recovery of Neglected Meanings in Policing and Criminology, Tim J. Berard

Submissions from 2013

Under the Shadow of the Authoritarian Personality: Elias, Fromm, and Alternative Social Psychologies of Authoritarianism, Tim J. Berard

Submissions from 2012

Collective Action, Collective Reaction: Inspecting Bad Apples in Accounts for Organizational Deviance & Discrimination, Tim J. Berard


Case-Based Modeling and the SACS Toolkit: A Mathematical Outline, Brian Castellani and Rajeev Rajaram

Submissions from 2011



Ethnomethodology and Membership Categorization Analysis, Robert Garot and Tim J. Berard

Submissions from 2010

Hate Crimes and their Criminalization, Tim J. Berard

Unpacking “Institutional Racism” Insights from Wittgenstein, Garfinkel, Schutz, Goffman, and Sacks, Tim J. Berard

Education for an Aging Planet, Stan Ingman, Iftekhar Amin, Egerton Clarke, and Kendall Brune

Submissions from 2009

The Relevance of the Social Sciences for Legal Education, Tim J. Berard


E-Social Science from a Systems Perspective: Applying the SACS Toolkit, Brian Castellani, Frederic Hafferty, and Michael Ball

Typification in Society and Social Science: The Continuing Relevance of Schutz’s Social Phenomenology, Kwang-ki Kim and Tim J. Berard

Submissions from 2008

Constructing a Survey of Constructionist Research, Tim J. Berard

Teaching and Learning Guide for "The Neglected Social Psychology of Institutional Racism", Tim J. Berard

The Neglected Social Psychology of Institutional Racism, Tim J. Berard

Submissions from 2006

From Concepts to Methods On the Observability of Inequality, Tim J. Berard

Racial Profiling, Tim J. Berard

Submissions from 2005


Evaluative Categories of Action and Identity in Non-Evaluative Human Studies Research: Examples from Ethnomethodology, Tim J. Berard


Extending Hate Crime Legislation to Include Gender: Explicating an Analogical Method of Advocacy, Tim J. Berard

On Multiple Identities and Educational Contexts: Remarks on the Study of Inequalities and Discrimination, Tim J. Berard

Rethinking Practices and Structures, Tim J. Berard

Submissions from 2003

Ethnomethodology as Radical Sociology: An Expansive Appreciation of Melvin Pollner’s ‘Constitutive and Mundane Versions of Labeling Theory’, Tim J. Berard


Grounded Neural Networking: Modeling Complex Quantitative Data, Brian Castellani, John Castellani, and S Lee Spray

Submissions from 2002

“Japanese American” Identity and the Problem of Multiple Description: Disjunctive Versions of the Japanese Exclusion Order, Tim J. Berard

Moving Forward by Looking Back: Revisiting Melvin Pollner's “Constitutive and Mundane Versions of Labeling Theory”, Tim J. Berard

Motherhood and Medicine: The Experience of Double Consciousness, Delese Wear and Brian Castellani

Submissions from 1999

Dada between Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy and Bourdieu's Distinction Existenz and Conflict in Cultural Analysis, Tim J. Berard

Michel Foucault, The History of Sexuality, and the Reformulation of Social Theory, Tim J. Berard

Submissions from 1998

Attributions and Avowals of Motive in the Study of Deviance: Resource or Topic?, Tim J. Berard