Quality Control of Chinese-Language Records Using a Rule-Based Data Validation System-Part 2

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Cataloging & Classification Quarterly

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quality control, Chinese-language records, rule-based data validation system


Cataloging and Metadata | Library and Information Science


The problem addressed by this two-part study is to evaluate the quality of Chinese records in the OCLC database and to determine the potential of a set of production rules for a rule-based data validation system lo support quality control of the Chinese records. The second part of the study emphasizes establishing pro- duction rules for such a system. Based on the results of error anal- ysis, a set of production rules were developed and tested, focusing on improving completeness, consistency, and correctness of a rec- ord. The rules covered 11 of the total 19 types of errors. At least 65% , of the errors occurring in the investigated sample records could be detected automatically by applying the production rules.