Structural and Multilingual Approaches to Subject Access on the Web.

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IFLA Journal

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access to information, classification, computer software development, directories, indexing, information retrieval, information services, languages, World Wide Web


Library and Information Science


This paper presents some of the efforts currently being made to develop mechanisms that can organize World Wide Web resources for efficient and effective retrieval, as well as programs that can accommodate multiple languages. Part 1 discusses structural approaches to organizing Web resources, including the use of hierarchical or classification-based formats and functional requirements of Web organizers. A report of a research project on developing a personalized knowledge organization and access mechanism, called Knowledge Class, is presented in Part 2, including purpose, objectives, and specifications of Knowledge Class, system design, design principles, the iterative design process, multilingual support, and plans for the near future. Part 3 describes a multilingual approach to subject access, including multilingual-oriented services of major search engines and characteristics of Web subject directories in a multilingual environment (i.e., alphabetical arrangement of categories, implementation of the literary warrant principle, flexibility in reflecting local interests, and limitation of language-dependent search features). (MES)