Instantiation: Academia's Pop-Up Museum

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Proceedings from the Annual Meeting of the Document Academy

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Documentation, Museums and Exhibition Design, Conference Interpreting, Pop-Up Entrepreneurship


Library and Information Science


This article provides an overview of the creation and installation of the Document Academy (DOCAM) 2014 Instantiation, an experimental exhibition intended to develop a three dimensional representation of the DOCAM 2014 participants’ spoken presentations. During the installation process, it was evident that the Instantiationresembled a current trend in the museum profession known as “The Pop-Up Museum.” An evaluation of the Instantiation in the context of the Pop-Up Museum uncovered a similar core objective, the ability to create meaningful conversations centered around the participants’ documents on display. This objective was supported by participants’ responses to follow-up questions about their experience participating in and conversing about the Instantiation while attending the conference. It is believed that other academic conferences could benefit from a project similar to the Instantiation and the process outlined in this article can be used as a model for its creation.