Distribution and Consumption Patterns of Archival Moving Images in Online Environments

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American Archivist

Publication Date

Fall 2012

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moving images, online environments


Archival Science | Library and Information Science


This study gathers data on how cultural institutions, specifically archives, libraries, and museums, are making archival moving images available online via various distribution methods. The investigator conducted a short survey of 16 individuals responsible for the development of digital archival moving image collections to determine their institution's digitization and distribution activities for moving images. Data gathered indicate that institutions exhibit strong interest in moving image digitization projects and online distribution, yet significant perceived and tangible barriers to digitization and distribution continue to restrict the development of digital projects and programs for archival moving images. Institutions have not yet invested significant resources into serious study of archival moving image uses and users, which practitioners and researchers should address to determine the best methods to improve access to such materials.