Convergence in Library and Museum Studies Education: Playing around with Curriculum?

Publication Title

Journal of Education for Library and Information Science

Publication Date

Winter 2016

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Museums, Holistic Approach, Transformative Learning, Archives, Library Role


Archival Science | Education | Library and Information Science


In the case of libraries, archives, and museums (LAMs), the concept of convergence has become commonplace in recent time. Convergence addresses both physical spaces and the services provided. What is currently known as convergence within these institutions, should perhaps more accurately be described as reconvergence, as "in the late 1800s and early 1900s, libraries and museums shared space, resources, and personnel" (Given and McTavish, 2010). Research--especially about children's play--necessitates a fresh look at convergence in services provided by libraries and museums. This, in turn, asks for a reconsideration of training of museum and library professionals. This short communication considers the changing nature of training professionals in both libraries and museums within this emerging reconvergence of the LAMs. The authors use the concept of play as a central point of focus--a conceptual converging point where both museums and libraries intersect--to help explore the possibilities for both training professionals and informing their future practice.