Submissions from 2018


Getting Off on the Right Foot: Psychological Contracts, Socialization Theory and Library Student Workers, Miriam L. Matteson and Emily Hankinson


Information Literacy in the Age of Machines that Learn: Desiderata for Machines that Teach, Catherine L. Smith and Miriam L. Matteson

Submissions from 2017

Students’ Viewpoint: What Constitutes Presence in an Online Classroom?, Lala Hajibayova

Electronic Health Records in Long-Term Care: Staff Perspectives, Rebecca A. Meehan

Submissions from 2016

Document Phenomenology: A Framework for Holistic Analysis, Tim Gorichanaz and Kiersten F. Latham

An Investigation of the Levels of Abstraction of Tags Across Three Resource Genres, Lala Hajibayova and Elin K. Jacob

Evolving Repertoires: Digital Media Use in Contentious Politics, Emad Khazraee and James Losey

OKF-Ref: Using the Object Knowledge Framework to Understand the Reference Experience, Kiersten F. Latham and Jodi Kearns

Publishers, Readers, and Digital Engagement, Marianne Martens


Out of the Box and Into the Book: Innovative Library Partnerships to Close the 30 Million Word Gap, Marianne Martens and Michelle Baldini


Convergence in Library and Museum Studies Education: Playing around with Curriculum?, Marianne Martens and K. F. Latham


"Soft Skills": A Phrase in Search of Meaning, Miriam L. Matteson, Lorien Anderson, and Cynthia Boyden


Plus ça Change: Instilling Foundational Values Within Evolving Reference Service Pedagogy, Miriam L. Matteson, Don Boozer, Cynthia Boyden, and Lisa A. Ellis


The Relationship Between Trait Affect and Job Attitudes in Library Employees, Miriam L. Matteson and Sean Kennedy

Residents’ Perspectives on Living With Vision Impairment in Long-term Care: An Unseen Factor in Quality of Life and Appropriateness of Care, Rebecca A. Meehan

Increasing EHR System Usability Through Standards: Conformance Criteria in the HL7 EHR-System Functional Model, Rebecca A. Meehan, Donald T. Mon, Kandace M. Kelly, Mitra Rocca, Gary Dickinson, John Ritter, and Constance M. Johnson


Alignment of Conceptual Structures in Controlled Vocabularies in the Domain of Chinese Art: a Discussion of Issues and Patterns, Marcia Lei Zeng

Submissions from 2015

Results of a National Survey of Pre-Service Telepractice Training in Graduate Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Programs, Sue Grogan-Johnson, Rebecca A. Meehan, Kelly McCormick, and Nicole Miller

Factors Influencing User-generated Vocabularies: How Basic are Basic Level Terms?, Lala Hajibayova and Elin K. Jacob

Using Action Research to Assess and Advocate for Innovative School Library Design, Meghan Harper and Liz Deskins


What is the Real Thing in the Museum? An Interpretative Phenomenological Study, Kiersten F. Latham

Lumping, Splitting and the Integration of Museum Studies With LIS, Kiersten F. Latham

Childhood and Culture Reflected Through the Lens of LIS Education: Embedded Practice in Danish Library and Information Science Education, Marianne Martens


Gaming the Reading Experience: Book-related Social Spaces for Young Children, Marianne Martens


Capturing Shared Mental Models: An Approach for Bona Fide Groups, Miriam L. Matteson


In Their Own Words: Stories of Emotional Labor from the Library Workforce, Miriam L. Matteson, Sharon Chittock, and David Mease

From Good to Great Managers: The Case for a Structured Continuing Education Program in Library Management, Miriam L. Matteson, Susan Musser, and Elizabeth Allen

Improving Continuity of Care in Long Term Care: Impact of Health Information Exchange, Rebecca A. Meehan


Domain-independent Search Expertise: A Description of Procedural Knowledge Gained During Guided Instruction, Catherine L. Smith

Investigating the Role of Semantic Priming in Query Expression: A Framework and Two Experiments, Catherine L. Smith


If You Build It, Will They Come? A Discussion of Use Cases and Barriers of Using the Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) Available as Linked Open Data (LOD), Marcia Lei Zeng, Marjorie Hlava, Joseph A. Busch, Olha Buchel, and Maja Zumer

Submissions from 2014

Functionality Analysis of an Open Source Repository System: Current Practices and Implications, Hsin-liang Chen and Yin Zhang

Social Q&A or Library Virtual Reference Service: What is Behind the Choices of Chinese Information Seekers?, Shengli Deng, Lina Yang, and Yin Zhang

KSUL: An Evaluation of Patron-Driven Acquisitions for Ebooks, Kay Downey, Yin Zhang, Cristobal Urbano, and Tom Klingler


Terminology Registries for Knowledge Organization Systems: Functionality, Use, and Attributes, Koraljka Golub, Douglas Tudhope, Marcia Lei Zeng, and Maja Zumer

Collaboration of School and Public Libraries Finding Common Ground with the Common Core to Serve Students with Special Needs, Meghan Harper

Information Needs of Church Worship Leaders, William Bryan Harris and Daniel Roland

Instantiation: Academia's Pop-Up Museum, Corina M. Iannaggi and Kiersten F. Latham


Experiencing Documents, Kiersten F. Latham

A Copy of a Fake of the Identical Facsimile Reproduced from the Real Original, Kiersten F. Latham and Corina M. Iannaggi


Reading and "Gamification": Joining Guilds, Earning Badges, and Leveling Up, Marianne Martens


The Whole Student: Cognition, Emotion, and Information Literacy, Miriam L. Matteson


Old Wine in a New Bottle: Customer Orientation in Librarianship, Miriam L. Matteson and Cynthia Boyden


What Library Managers Should Know about Emotional Labor, Miriam L. Matteson and Shelly S. Miller

Modeling Classification Systems in Multicultural and Multilingual Contexts, Joan S. Mitchell, Marcia Lei Zeng, and Maja Žumer

Fluid Preservation: A Comprehensive Reference, First Edition, John E. Simmons

Patron-Driven Acquisitions (PDA) of E-books: New Life for the Library Catalog?, Cristóbal Urbano and Yin Zhang

Using a Semantic Analysis Tool to Generate Subject Access Points: A Study Using Panofsky's Theory and Two Research Samples, Marcia Lei Zeng


Using Semantic Analysis Tools to Generate Subject Access Points -- A Study Using Panofsky's Theory and Two Research Samples, Marcia Lei Zeng, Karen F. Gracy, and Maja Zumer

A New Similarity Measure for Subject Hierarchical Structures, Jin Zhang and Marcia Lei Zeng


Social Question and Answer Services Versus Library Virtual Reference: Evaluation and Comparison from the Users' Perspective, Yin Zhang and Shengli Deng

E-books Versus Print Books: Readers' Choices and Preferences Across Contexts, Yin Zhang and Sonali Kudva

Submissions from 2013


A Case Study in Knowledge Management Education - Historical Challenges and Future Opportunities, Denise Bedford

Expanding the Definition and Measurement of Knowledge Economy: Integrating Triple Bottom Line Factors into Knowledge Economy Index Models and Methodologies, Denise Bedford

Bringing Order to Chaos: Knowledge Architecture that Sustain Knowledge Practice, Denise A. D. Bedford

Connecting to Special Collections of Children's Literature, Carolyn S. Brodie


"Logic and the Organization of Information" – An Appreciation of the Book of This Title by Martin Frické. A Set of Short Essays, Alan Gilchrist, Marcia Lei Zeng, Stella Dextre Clarke, Antoine Isaac, Patrick Lambe, and Judi Vernau

Exploring Methods to Improve Access to Music Resources by Aligning Library Data with Linked Data: A Report of Methodologies and Preliminary Findings, Karen F. Gracy, Marcia Lei Zeng, and Laurence Skirvin

Reference Sources and Services for Children and Young Adults, Meghan Harper

Savvy School Library Design to Facilitate 21st-century Literacy Skills and the Common Core, Meghan Harper

School Library Challenge: Changing Perceptions, Creating Supporters, and Gaining Advocates with Library Advisory Committees, Meghan Harper and Jennifer Schwelik


Application of Standardized Biomedical Terminologies in Radiology Reporting Templates, Yi Hong, Marcia Lei Zeng, Jin Zhang, Alexandra Dimitroff, and Charles E. Kahn Jr.


Numinous Experiences with Museum Objects, Kiersten F. Latham

Navigating the Intersection of Library Bibliographic Data and Linked Music Information Sources: A Study of the Identification of Useful Metadata Elements for Interlinking, Marcia Lei Zeng, Karen F. Gracy, and Laurence Skirvin


Considerations of How Children Think: Danish Responses to the International Children's Digital Library, Marianne Martens

The Librarian Lion: Constructing Children's Literature through Connections, Capital, and Criticism (1906-1941), Marianne Martens


Feeling Our Way: Emotional Intelligence and Information Literacy Competency, Miriam L. Matteson, Omer Farooq, and David B. Mease


A Study of Emotional Labor in Librarianship, Miriam L. Matteson and Shelly S. Miller


Continuing Education in Library Management: Challenges and Opportunities, Miriam L. Matteson, Elizabeth Schlueter, and Morgan Hidy


Depictions of Religion in Children’s Picture Books, Don A. Wicks, Darin Freeburg, and Doug Goldsmith

The Objects of Experience: Transforming Visitor-Object Encounters in Museums, Elizabeth Wood and Kiersten F. Latham

Submissions from 2012


Religious Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management—The Potential for Cross-Domain Learning, Denise A. D. Bedford


Leveraging Semantic Analysis Technologies to Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency of Access to Information, Denise A. D. Bedford and Karen F. Gracy


Leveraging Semantic Analysis Technologies to Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency of Access to Information, Denise A. D. Bedford and Karen F. Gracy

It's as Easy as ABC: About Baking and Cooking., Carolyn S. Brodie


Standard Spotlight: From ISO 2788 to ISO 25964: The Evolution of Thesaurus Standards Towards Interoperability and Data Modeling, Stella G. Dextre Clarke and Marcia Lei Zeng


The Discursive Construction of the Academic Library as Learning Place in A2K, Catherine Closet-Crane

Distribution and Consumption Patterns of Archival Moving Images in Online Environments, Karen F. Gracy

Preservation in the Digital Age: A Review of Preservation Literature, 2009-10, Karen F. Gracy and Miriam B. Kahn

Awesome Assessment Tools for Advocacy in the School Library, Meghan Harper

Evaluation in the School Library as a Key to Advocacy, Meghan Harper

Disaster Response and Planning for Libraries 3rd ed., Miriam B. Kahn


Museum Object as Document: Using Buckland’s Information Concepts to Understand Museum Experiences, Kiersten F. Latham

Law vs. Ethics: Conflict and Contrast in Laws Affecting the Role of Libraries, Schools, and Other Information Intermediaries, Tomas Lipinski

The Librarian’s Legal Companion for Licensing Information Resources and Services, First Edition, Tomas Lipinski

Issues of Access and Usability in Designing Digital Resources for Children, Marianne Martens


Emotional Labor in Librarianship: A Research Agenda, Miriam L. Matteson and Shelly S. Miller

FRSAD: Conceptual Modeling of Aboutness, 1st Ed., Maja Žumer, Marcia Lei Zeng, and Athena Salaba

Submissions from 2011


Enabling Personal Knowledge Management with Collaborative and Semantic Technologies, Denise A. D. Bedford

Be a Great Boss: One Year to Success, Catherine Hakala-Ausperk

Linking Audiovisuals with Multicultural Literature, Meghan Harper

Personal ontological information responsibility, Jodi L. Kearns and Rhonda Rhinehart

Do Provenance-Based Classification Schemes Have a Role in Libraries and Information Centres? The Case of Classifying Government Publications, Frank Lambert


Medium Rare: Exploring Archives and Their Conversion from Original to Digital Part Two— The Holistic Knowledge Arsenal of Paper-based Archives, Kiersten F. Latham


Developing a Dublin Core Application Profile for the Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) Resources, Marcia Lei Zeng and Gail Hodge

The Research Habits of Graduate Students and Faculty: Is There a Need for Reference Sources?, Miriam L. Matteson


A Systematic Review of Research on Live Chat Service, Miriam L. Matteson, Jennifer Salamon, and Lindy Brewster


The Thickness of Things: Exploring the Curriculum of Museums through Phenomenological Touch, Elizabeth Wood and Kiersten F. Latham

Submissions from 2010

Constructing Business-Oriented Knowledge Organization Systems, Denise A. D. Bedford

Stories from the Mountains: Appalachian Literature for Children and Adolescents, Carolyn S. Brodie