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Transformable Travel
Casey Hoelle, Madeline Lacourt, and Miara Thomas


NATALIE MILLS, Maya Efrat, and Margaret Busche


Cotton In the Rain
Taylor Baumberger, Eleanor Brems, and Trinity Murray


Cotton the Rain
Haley Bohman, Zack Popovich, and Caroline Smith


Denim Remixed: Work-wear Capsule Collection
Hannah Knotts, Samantha Hoppe, and Rachael Bower


Cutting Edge
Rachel Williams


Nightlife Cotton and Denim Based Anti-Theft Garments
Katherine Sarver, Amy Dutko, and Gabrielle Henderson


SlimFit Activewear
Leonitia Mason


[MERCH] Consumer and Environmental Awareness in Athleisure Trend
Andrea Fischer, Taylor Holland, and Catherine Bywalski


Megan Fraley and Deondre Washington


[MERCH] Consumer Disposal Habits
Ellen Stingel and Mollina So


alexis scott and AMBER SUE JOGLAR


Polymorphisms in fibronectin binding protein A of Staphylococcus aureus are associated with infection of cardiovascular devices
Steven K. Lower, Supaporn Lamlertthon, Nadia N. Casillas-Ituarte, Roberto D. Lins, Ruchirej Youngsunthon, Eric S. Taylor, Alex C. DiBartola, Catherine Edmonson, Lauren M. McIntyre, L Barth Reller, Yok-Ai Que, Robert Ros, Brian H. Lower, and Vance G. Fowler Jr.

*Updated as of 09/18/19.