Most Recent Additions*


Visual Analyses of the Creation of Avatars
Erik W. Black, Richard E. Ferdig, Joseph C. DiPietro, Feng Liu, and Baird Whalen


Forgotten Alumni: Online Learners as Donors
Erik W. Black, Kara Dawson, and Richard E. Ferdig


Innovative Technologies for Multicultural Education Needs
Richard E. Ferdig, Jade Coutts, Joseph DiPietro, Benjamin Lok, and Niki Davis


Towards a Framework for Understanding Electronic Educational Gaming
Meredith DiPietro, Richard E. Ferdig, Jeff Boyer, and Erik W. Black


Illustrating the "Virtual" in Virtual Schooling: Challenges and Strategies for Creating Real Tools to Prepare Virtual Teachers
Niki Davis, M. D. Roblyer, Amina Charania, Richard E. Ferdig, Chad Harms, Lily Ko Li Compton, and Mi Ok Cho


Pedagogical Implications of Classroom Blogging
Kaye D. Trammell and Richard E. Ferdig


Thoughtful Creation of Online Course Content: Implications of SCORM for Educators
Richard E. Ferdig, Carl Fields, Youngok Lee, and Richard Hartshorne

*Updated as of 10/21/19.