X-ray Scattering Studies of Phase-Separated Composite Organic Film Cells

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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics

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X-ray scattering, ferroelectric liquid crystal, phase-separated composite organic film, tilted-bookshelf, Sm C, layer buckling




The authors report X-ray scattering experiments on phase-separated composite organic film (PSCOF) structures mixed with ferroelectric liquid crystals (FLCs). We discuss the effect of the local layer structure in a PSCOF cell on the ratio of the concentration between prepolymer and liquid crystals. The ratio of optimized concentration in terms of optical characteristics for a PSCOF liquid crystal display are 30 wt% for prepolymer (NOA65) and 70 wt% for FLCs (Felix). We found that the layer structure in a ferroelectric liquid crystal cell made of 30 wt% NOA65 and 70 wt% Felix is a tilted-bookshelf layer structure. The angles 15 and 17 are the tilted-bookshelf angles at 65 and 58 C, respectively. These layer tilt angles are almost same as the molecular tilt angles of ferroelectric liquid crystals in the Sm C phase. We understand that this result comes from compensating for layer buckling. We consider that the PSCOF-mode local layer structure is an excellent solution to the problem of zig-zag defects and mechanical shock for application in future televisions and plastic ferroelectric liquid crystal displays (FLCDs).