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Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies

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African American Studies | African Studies | Educational Sociology | Race and Ethnicity


The Afrocentric paradigm has revolutionized the field of Black studies for the past several decades following scholar Molefi Asante’s extensive works on the theory. Many other scholars have since advanced the Afrocentric idea with similar or dissenting views and interpretations. While recognizing the utility of these works in terms of their intellectual engagements with the theory as well as their respective contributions to the field, the literature on the theory does not appear to be endowed with many scholarly works that have explored the policy perspective of the concept. This paper makes the case for the elevation of the concept from the intellectual construct to the policy domain. The paper argues that the underlying tenets of the Afrocentric idea have the ability to redefine the widespread negative portrayal of Black identity through concrete policy ideas and initiatives.