Conversations About Choices for End-of-Life Care: Knowing and Understanding Preferences

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Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing

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advance directives, education, end-of-life care




This article describes an educational workshop series Conversations About Choices for End-of-Life Care that was offered over 4 weeks at a continuing care retirement community. Healthcare professionals, including nurses, nursing assistants, counselors/social workers, and nursing students, participated along with older adults and family members in interactive sessions that were presented by national and local professionals with expertise in end-of-life care. The sessions featured active dialogue and conversation about content specific to achieving a better understanding of care needs at the end of life. Ninety persons attended at least one of the sessions, and 68 completed a questionnaire about preferences for care near the end of life. Discussion and implications are given on the basis of participants' evaluations and shared information regarding end-of-life care.