Moderating and Mediating Roles of Nurses' Beliefs

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Western Journal of Nursing Research

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information systems, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, perceived computer self-efficacy, moderators/mediators




Health care is rapidly increasing the types of information systems (IS) that are used to manage patient care. The extent to which nurses move to a paperless system will be contingent on their beliefs about IS. The study explores the moderating and mediating effects of nurses' beliefs about IS use on the relationship between IS use and perceived benefits and satisfaction. A descriptive, correlational, cross-sectional design is used, and a random sample of 201 staff nurses working in hospitals was surveyed via a mail questionnaire. Nurses' beliefs have mediating effects on the relationship between nurses' IS use and their perceptions of IS benefits and satisfaction. The results can guide nurse administrators to improve nurses' perceptions about IS by using such methods as providing a training program to increase nurses' computer self-efficacy. Enhancing nurses' use of IS and their perceptions of IS benefits can ultimately improve patient safety and outcomes.