Information Systems Use, Benefits, and Satisfaction Among Ohio RNs

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CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing

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benefits, computer experience, nursing informatics, satisfaction




Contemporary forces, including the growing nursing shortage, the aging population, and the emphasis on patient safety, are increasing the pressure on healthcare facilities to use information systems to achieve better outcomes. Use of information systems improves nurses' ability to make decisions in a timely manner; however, nurses are still reluctant about or avoiding using information systems in their daily work. The purpose of this study was to explore the relationships among age, nursing education, computer experience, user involvement in implementation, nursing management support to use information systems, nurses' information system use, and information system outcomes (benefits and satisfaction). The study used an input-process-outcome framework, a descriptive correlational design, and a mailed survey with a random sample of staff nurses. Computer experience, user involvement, and nursing management support were found to significantly explain information system use. In addition, information system use was found to significantly explain nurses' perception of the benefits of using information systems and their satisfaction with using information systems. These results assist nursing administrators and leaders to change and/or restructure the appropriate work environment to enhance nurses' information system use and increase their satisfaction, thereby improving patient outcomes.