Submissions from 2014

Perceptions and Use of Learning Management System Tools and other Technologies in Higher Education: A Preliminary Analysis, Danielle Borboa, Mathew Joseph, Deborah F. Spake, and Atefeh Yazdanparast

Do Perceptions of Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising Vary Based on Urban Versus Rural Living?, Deborah F. Spake, Mathew Joseph, and Carol M. Megehee

Submissions from 2013

Investor Reaction to Positive and Negative Corporate Social Events, Christopher Groening and Vamsi Krishna Kanuri

A model of sporting event tourism as economic development, Sarah Roche, Mathew Joseph, and Deborah F. Spake

Submissions from 2012

University branding: Understanding students’ choice of an educational institution, Mathew Joseph, Eileen Wall Mullen, and Deborah F. Spake

Consumer enactments of archetypes using luxury brands, Carol M. Megehee and Deborah F. Spake

Submissions from 2011

Lost in Transition? The Human Influence on Marketing’s Emerging Service-Dominant Logic, R. Zachary Finney, Deborah F. Spake, and Treena Gillespie Finney

Young adults and US healthcare reform: views and marketing strategy, Kristina Lindsey, Deborah F. Spake, and Mathew Joseph

Experience, Comfort, and Privacy Concerns: Antecedents of Online Spending, Deborah F. Spake, R. Zachary Finney, and Mathew Joseph

Submissions from 2010

Public University Branding: What Do Students Want to Know about a Prospective Institution and How Do They Get Information?, Deborah F. Spake, Mathew Joseph, and Teresa Weldy

Consumer Sociability and Service Provider Expertise Influence on Service Relationship Success, Deborah F. Spake and Carol M. Megehee

Submissions from 2009

Lotus-Eaters, Pilgrims, Seekers, and Accidental Tourists: How Different Travelers Consume the Sacred and the Profane, R. Zachary Finney, Robert A. Orwig, and Deborah F. Spake

The Impact of Perceived Closeness on the Differing Roles of Satisfaction, Trust, Commitment, and Comfort on Intention to Remain with a Physician, Deborah F. Spake and John S. Bishop Jr.

Urban Senior Citizens' Versus Rural Consumers' Views of DTC Advertising: A Preliminary Investigation, Deborah F. Spake, Mathew Joseph, and R. Zachary Finney

Submissions from 2008

Consumer Attitudes Toward Pharmaceutical Direct‐to‐Consumer Advertising: An Empirical Study and the Role of Income, Mathew Joseph, Deborah F. Spake, and R. Zachary Finney

Aging Consumers and Drug Marketing: Senior Citizens' Views on DTC Advertising, the Medicare Prescription Drug Programme and Pharmaceutical Retailing, Mathew Joseph, Deborah F. Spake, and Dana Moffett Godwin

A Critical Evaluation of the Service Learning Experience: Implications for Higher Education, Mathew Joseph, Deborah F. Spake, Kimberly D. Grantham, and George W. Stone

Decoding Southern Culture and Hospitality, Carol M. Megehee and Deborah F. Spake

The Impact of Perceived Peer Behavior, Probable Detection and Punishment Severity on Student Cheating Behavior., Carol M. Megehee and Deborah F. Spake

Social identity in the American South: Mardi Gras Societies in Coastal Mississippi and Alabama, Julie Z. Sneath, Carol M. Megehee, and Deborah F. Spake

Challenges and Best Practices: Meeting AACSB and SACS Requirements, Teresa Weldy, Deborah F. Spake, and Julie Z. Sneath

Submissions from 2007

Consumer Opinion and Effectiveness of Direct‐to‐Consumer Advertising, Deborah F. Spake and Mathew Joseph

Students' Views of Ethical Behavior and the Impact of Association, Deborah F. Spake, Carol M. Megehee, and George R. Franke

Submissions from 2003

Distance Education: a Bibliographic Review for Educational Planners and Policymakers 1992-2002, John S. Bishop Jr. and Deborah F. Spake

“Birds of a Feather Flock Together”: Strategic Implications for Advertising Agencies, Tammy Neal Crutchfield, Deborah F. Spake, Giles D'Souza, and Robert M. Morgan

Consumer Comfort in Service Relationships, Deborah F. Spake, Sharon E. Beatty, Beverly K. Brockman, and Tammy Neal Crutchfield

Submissions from 1999

Advertising Agency Compensation: An Agency Theory Explanation, Deborah F. Spake, Giles D'Souza, Tammy Neal Crutchfield, and Robert M. Morgan

Submissions from 1998

Institutional and Individual Research Productivity: A Comparison of Alternative Approaches, Deborah F. Spake and Susan K. Harmon

Submissions from 1997

Gender Differences in Ethical Perceptions of Business Practices: A Social Role Theory Perspective., George R. Franke, Deborah F. Crown, and Deborah F. Spake

Submissions from 1992

Siting a Hazardous Waste Incinerator: Newspaper Risk Communication and Public Opinion Analysis., Karen S. Johnson-Cartee, Bryan A. Graham, and Deborah F. Spake