A Learning Theory Conceptual Foundation for Using Capture Technology in Teaching

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Information Systems Education Journal

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lecture capture, learning theories, objectivist learning, constructivist learning, scaffolding, assurance of learning, instructional design


Business | Human Resources Management


Lecture capture technologies are increasingly being used by instructors, programs, and institutions to deliver online lectures and courses. This lecture capture movement is important as it increases access to education opportunities that were not possible before, it can improve efficiency, and it can increase student engagement. However, this is just the start for how capture technology can be used as it only considers an objectivist learning theory approach in deployment. As a result, it is essentially a modern version of “sage on the stage” where an expert projects information for consumption by students. Capture technologies, though, hold promise to go beyond this basic implementation as they can fit into the constructivist learning paradigm too, which requires students to take what they have learned and apply it to new concerns of importance to them. In addition, capture technology can be used to develop learning support resources, known as scaffolds, and be used to improve assignment integrity and assurance of learning. Ideas for how capture technology can be used to address these important learning concerns are presented and discussed.