Submissions from 2014

"Captains Courageous": The Importance of Impressionist Art in Life, Richard M. Berrong

Louis Hémon's Intertextual Use of "Pêcheur d'Islande" in "Maria Chapdelaine": Making a Novel Set in Canada Speak about Problems in Pre-World War One France., Richard M. Berrong

Submissions from 2013

'Three Dabs and Two Scratches': Painterly Impressionism in The Light That Failed, Richard M. Berrong

Left at the Mango Tree, Stephanie J. Siciarz

Submissions from 2012

Pierre Loti the Anti-Colonialist: "Pêcheur d’Islande", Richard M. Berrong

Submissions from 2007


Teaching Proofreading Skills as a Means of Reducing Composition Errors, Jessie Carduner

Submissions from 2003


Productive Dictionary Skills Training: What Do Language Learners Find Useful?, Jessie Carduner

Submissions from 2002


Using Classroom Assessment Techniques to Improve Foreign Language Composition Courses, Jessie Carduner