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Evelyn (Foster) McCurdy standing to the left at the Foster farm in Amherstburg.

By 1921, the Foster homestead was in a state of disrepair due to death and, in turn, loss of income. Evelyn’s mother, Sarah (Smith) Foster died in 1899, leaving her husband to raise his young family on his own on the farm. Prior to Sarah’s death, George H. Foster, was working as a porter on the Great Lakes fleet. In 1902, George passed away, leaving Evelyn and her younger sisters to live with their Aunt Gertrude “Gertie” Bush. The McCurdy Family’s journey to the Foster Farm in Amherstburg, Ontario in the autumn 1921 was to aid in the home’s restoration.

For more information on the life of George H. Foster review page one of the December 19, 1902 issue of the Amherstburg Echo.


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family, Amherstburg, Ontario


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