OCTM Membership: Twenty-five Years and Counting -- An Insider's View

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Ohio Journal of School Mathematics

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Spring 2011

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OCTM membership


Mathematics | Other Mathematics


The goal of the historical perspective presented in this article is to explore in some detail the evolution of OCTM membership processing during the twenty-five years Sister Mary Theresa Sharp, S.N.D. has been privileged to serve as Membership Secretary of the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics since her appointment by OCTM President, Bill Hunt, on December 6, 1985. The article describes advancements in the areas of (1) backups, (2) hardware and software, (3) communications, and (4) membership numbers and total membership income. For example, backups were performed using increasingly efficient media, advancing from taking approximately one hour in 1985; hardware and software sophistication improved beginning with using the DB Master software on the Apple IIe in 1985; and communication limited to phone calls and OCTM's standard communication through the United States Postal Service, in recent years included email as a third way to communicate with members. Membership numbers during the past twenty-five years are presented in a bar graph. Total membership income approaching one million dollars for the past twenty-five years is reported, thus providing evidence of the professional commitment to mathematics education, as well as the sustained dedication, of dues-paying OCTM members.