Markko Vineyard

Publication Date

Spring 2001

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Dr. Konstantin Frank co-op grape grower, Ohio Wine Hall of Fame, Lake Erie AVA, Conneaut


Tourism and Travel | Viticulture and Oenology


Discussion of the recent must analysis research between Markko Vineyards, Harpersfield Vineyard and the Lake Erie Enology Research Center –a grant funded collaborative effort between Lake Erie wineries, Youngstown State University, and Cleveland State University. The mission of the group is “to help define the unique characteristics of the Lake Erie Appellation and its wine.”

Successful crop pruning technique for quality grapes described briefly.

Wine Notes

Character and quality of each vintage highlighted.

Brut Methode Champenoise (1992)

Chardonnay: Homage (1995), Homage Select Reserve (1998), Muscat/Chardonnay (1998), Reflections of Lake Erie (NV, 1998), Reflections of Lake Erie Reserve (1998), Reserve (1997 and 1998), and Traditional (1996)

Cabernet Sauvignon: Harmonious (1999), Reserve (1998), Select Reserve (1998), and Traditional (1997)

Riesling: Canticle-Reserve (1999), Kabinett (1995), Select Reserve (1999), and Traditional (1996 and 1997)

Pinot Noir: Reserve (1998), Traditional (1997)

Covered Bridge: Riesling and Chardonnay


Courtesy of Markko Vineyard.