Markko Vineyard

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Spring 1985

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Dr. Konstantin Frank co-op grape grower, Ohio Wine Hall of Fame, Lake Erie AVA, Conneaut


Tourism and Travel | Viticulture and Oenology


Working directly with Professor Garth Cahoon, Greg Johns takes on the position of managing Ohio State University’s newest Kingsville grape research center. His background and experience working in the vineyards of the Moselle region, the third largest in terms of grape production in Germany, is briefly described.

Arnie Esterer travels to the Kiedrich vineyards of the Rheingau region of Germany, an area known for its classic dry Riesling. He also tours the Alsatian vineyards in France.

Wine Notes

New releases for 1985 include a 1984 Riesling (Lot 402), 1982 Chardonnay Reserve (Lot 221, Ohio Wine Competition Silver Award Winner), 1981 Cabernet (Lots 11, 12), and 1982 Cabernet (Lot 21).

Character of each vintage highlighted.