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Across the Stream: Collaboration in the Management of Streaming Video at Kent State University

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Journal of Digital Media Management

Publication Date

Summer 2016

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TEACH Act, streaming video


Collection Development and Management | Higher Education | Intellectual Property Law | Library and Information Science | Online and Distance Education


This paper describes a strategy for managing the licensing, acquisition and administration of streaming media at Kent State University Libraries. Streaming media support a variety of academic programmes and courses at Kent State University and include both online and face-to-face offerings. Requests for streaming media include but are not limited to feature films, documentaries, television broadcasts and educational films. This strategy was developed according to a recently developed University-wide policy on the use of copyright-protected works, and a trial budget was proposed. Workflow is described, starting with the question of whether a faculty member wishes to use an entire film or a portion. If the request for a portion meets the restrictions of the United States TEACH Act, the request is processed according to those requirements. An attempt is made to license or obtain permission to stream media content limited to enrolled students and their instructors. Fair use under United States Copyright Law may be invoked if streaming service or permissions are not available. Each instance of fair use is evaluated separately and kept on record. These requests are processed systematically by the University Libraries' staff, first by submitting them to a web-based application developed in-house called Selection Manager. Selection Manager prompts the acquisitions process by sending email updates to staff at critical points and allows staff to record and communicate relevant information. This process is promoted to instructors through a variety of channels, including on-campus meetings and conferences, and through word of mouth.