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Asking the Right Questions: An E-Resource Checklist for Documenting Cataloging Decisions for Batch Cataloging Projects

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Technical Services Quarterly

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batch cataloging, batch loading, catalog management, e-resource management, best-practices, vendor MARC records, MARC record quality, cataloging training


Cataloging and Metadata | Library and Information Science


During the past several years at Kent State University Libraries, there has been a shift in responsibility for handling and processing batch cataloging projects from the systems department to the technical services department. This shift was driven by the increasing number of e-resource packages being acquired by the library, many with available MARC records. Cataloging staff began to take on primary responsibility for managing these batch cataloging projects. In order to develop effective workflows and maintain adequate documentation, Kent State developed an e-Book checklist tool. The checklist serves as a best-practices guide. It records information on both the routine and unique aspects of each individual batch cataloging project. Data obtained from the use of the checklist not only helps organize departmental workflow, it also provides information on issues such as training, MARC record quality, and vendor customer service. By asking the “right questions,” the checklist has proven to be an effective management tool. The checklist has helped make library e-resources more discoverable in both the library's local Innovative Interfaces Inc. catalog (KentLINK), and the consortial catalog (OhioLINK).