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The OhioLINK EAD FACTORy: Consortial Creation and Delivery of EAD

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OhioLINK EAD FACTORy, finding aid creation tool, encoding tool, repository search engine


Library and Information Science


This article describes the development and implementation of the OhioLINK EAD Finding Aid Creation Tool and Online Repository project. Collectively referred to as the OhioLINK EAD FACTORy, the consortial project includes two major resources—a Web-based application that allows for the creation of EAD finding aids without the user needing to know about EAD tagging or code and a centralized finding aid repository that allows EAD from across the state of Ohio to be searched and browsed. The authors include a discussion of how the project, led by an OhioLINK-appointed task force, evolved, objectives of the project, and outcomes to date, as well as issues and challenges encountered. They also detail the functionality of both the encoding tool and repository search engine, training programs for users, and future needs and goals of the project.